It began with two brothers who shared a love and respect for firearms. Blend that with military service in Afghanistan and a mutually focused interest in machining and all things mechanical, it didn't take long for both brothers to focus in on Mossberg. Specifically the Model 500. While Clarence Rarick had used the Mossberg 590 extensively in Afghanistan, it also became abundantly clear to Michael Levy whose background includes both security and precision machining that the Mossberg 500 was as versatile as it was reliable. After speaking with large numbers of fellow shooters, hunters and those who relied on the Mossberg 500 for home defense as well as law enforcement officers, Michael soon found this legendary shotgun to be the backbone for many. 

We are an authorized distributor for the following manufacturers:

  • Santa Cruz Gunlocks - Wall or Trunk
  • Mesa Tactical 
  • ATI
  • Wilson Combat
  • 3T Tactical
  • Tuff 1 Grips

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NOTE: Knoxx Recoil Reduction stocks require a specific lever, see "products and pricing" for more info