Shoten Armory Custom Porting Services

 Two of the issues you will confront when using full power 12
gauge slug loads are muzzle lift and felt recoil. The combination of these factors can and will impede your consistency and speed. When you combine these factors with the possible need for an ammunition switchover, you will seriously be looking for ways to shave time and unnecessary movement. The answer that many seek is barrel porting.

When you feel the difference, you'll be glad Shoten Armory was there.

Soten Armory Porting Package

Barrel porting on your Mossberg Pump Action shotgun can save your life in a military, law enforcement and a hunting situation. The ability to bring your firearm back on target faster allows you to sustain fire. Multiple assailants, a bear that was hit once but won't go down or a situation where accurately placed followup shots make the difference are just some of the reasons why you need to take advantage of Shoten Armory's barrel porting. When Mossberg themselves wont port an 18.5" barrel for you, make Shoten Armory your next call!

If you are sending more than 1 barrel to be ported, please contact us first prior to ordering the service.

If you send us a barrel in anything other than the standard postal tube from USPS, you will be billed for any additional shipping charges incured to send your barrel back to you.