Mike Levy - Oner

Michael C. Levy, Sr. - Owner

"Growing up I seemingly always had an availability of firearms of many calibers at my disposal. But I always had a keen fondness for shotguns. In its very nature, it can be used for almost every mission or tasking. Taking my love of firearms, Security background, insight from Military friends and family, as well as forum members, and my "drive" to "make things better" I began to forge the Extended Slide Release Lever project. Combining my knowledge with previous sales experience, customer service skills, and mechanical ability, the time had come to begin a new path, one that was NOT like every other business out there. I personally welcome you to Shoten Armory. " 

Clarence Rarick - Chief Advisor/Analyst

My experiences in Afghanistan taught me many things, one of which is to be prepared. Wether its mental, emotional, physical or material preparedness, each is critical in our lives. This especially applies to not only the Military community, but our Law Enforcement community, and those who want to be prepared as well. Our aim is to provide the one-stop solution for those of us who want to be be able to handle any situation in the home or on the street with the correct training and assistance and know what to do when the situation arises. I'm proud to have served my country, and it makes me happy to continue to do so here in the states. Welcome to Shoten Armory! 

Shayne Norris - Research & Development Coordinator

"Serving in the United States Marine Corps for six years with  the departing rank as Sergeant gave me experiences I never would have known otherwise. Throughout global deployments, I was fortunate to have been trained on the  remarkable Mossberg 500 which I used with confidence in CQB (Close Quarters Battle). I loved it. The Shoten Armory Extended Slide Release Lever is the modification that takes the Mossberg 500 to a whole new tactical level! Where was this when I was in?"

"The opportunity to be an active part of the Shoten Armory Team provides me the chance to tactically evaluate and develop realistic techniques and modifications focused on the Mossberg 500 series of pump shotguns!"