Shotgun Tactical Ultra-Illumination Device

The S.T.U.D. is a 200 Lumen Flashlight with a Cree Head which utilizes CR123 Batteries. It is unique because it can be installed directly onto the magazine tube of your shotgun in a matter of minutes without the use of any tools other than your two hands. The S.T.U.D.’s “Quick Disconnect” feature allows the user to remove the flashlight from the firearm quickly to be used independently as a Flashlight or Tactical Self Defense Tool. It can then just as quickly be reattached to the firearm for standard Flashlight illumination use. This versatile firearm accessory utilizes a rotary switch with 3 settings: Full 200 Lumen, Off and 200 Lumen Strobe. Currently made for the Remington 870, 1100 and 1187 model shotguns, the Benelli Nova, and the Weatherby Tactical. 

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You can't beat the S.T.U.D. It's trim, easy to install low profile design locks in tight until you need to remove it. The 200 lumen light easily illuminates the target for solid aimed accurate shots. As a home defender, it is the one you need. Hands down. As a law enforcement officer, performing a dangerous drug warrant, fugitive apprehension and house clearings. No second place winner in these situations. You need to know what's in front of you even if the perpetrators cut the lights in the house. Hear a noise in the woods behind you in the darkness? Is it a family member near the campfire or a bear coming for a visit? Get the confidence only a S.T.U.D. can give you. Versatile, powerful and reliable. And, here's the good news!One model works perfectly with your Remington 870, 1100 and 1187. The additional model is designed for your Benelli Nova and Weatherby Tactical Shotgun. Don't feel left out, Mossberg 500 owners because in a few short weeks there will be a model just for you Now, before we get to the S.T.U.D. 3T Tactical has just what you need for your Remington 870, 1100 and 1187 plus something special for Mossberg 500 owners with an easy install video!

Shoten Armory - 3T Tactical Remington and Mossberg Shotgun Magazine Extensions and Breachers
Remington 870 with Two Round Magazine Extension
3T Tactical S.T.U.D.
3T Tactical - S.T.U.D. - Benelli Nova

Congratulations! If you own a Benelli Nova, there's a model of the 3T Tactical S.T.U.D. designed just for you! There are two models available at this time. One fits your Remington 870, 100 and 1187. The next is designed specifically for your Benelli Nova and Weatherby Tactical Shotguns.

Tactical Shotgun Group with 3T Tactical S.T.U.D.

So, are you a Tactical Shotgun Master? We know you recognize the 3T Tactical S.T.U.D. sitting nice and low profile at the end of the magazine tube, but can you correctly identify the shotgun below? We're warming you up for a serious contest here, so drop us your answer in the form to the right along with your name and email address. We will choose eligible contestants from these 'warmup' exercises.  

Tactical Shotgun Warmup

Which is it?

Shotgun with 3T Tactical S.T.U.D.