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"Raidon Tactics Inc. offers premiere world-class Shooting, Close Quarters Battle, Counter-Terrorism driver and medical training. These courses are offered to Military, Law Enforcement, Corporate Security firms and the general public. We have been teaching these skills to some of the best in the industry for years. Revolutionary thinking equates to evolutionary training, and at Raidon Tactics Inc. you get both. Raidon Tactics Inc. will prepare you for the “real” world, by maintaining a working relationship with your unit and providing a plan to evolve your skills to a changing world and situation." 

Frank McRae - RaidOn Tactics

Frank McRae - Director of Training

He is the former head of the US Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC) at Ft. Bragg N.C. He started his military career in the 1st Ranger Bn as an 11B infantryman. He served in the 1st Special Forces Group (ABN) Okinawa Japan, in Cco 1st Bn. 1st SFG(A) (C-1-1) where he was an assault team leader for F team,Troop 1 in the Combatant Commanders In-extremis Force (CIF) conducting operations in Operation Enduring Freedom. Advising, training and standing up the Light Reaction Company of the Armed Forces of the Phillipines (AFP). He was then assigned as an Instructor to the SFARTAETC at the Special Warfare Center and School in Ft. Bragg NC, was promoted and became the NCOIC of the course and awarded for having the highest graduation rate for the course in it’s twenty year history . He also served as a Troop SGM Troop 1 and Team SGT ODA-354 in B co 2nd Bn 3rd SFG(A) CIF in Iraq as an Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (ICTF) Company SGM advisor and combat leader on many missions in Iraq and also attended the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Course as an exchange instructor. 

"Combat Marksmanship Mentality." "The Mindset of Combat Marksmanship." What do these terms mean to you as a homeowner, a hunter and one who is serious about their own personal safety? "The Combat Mindset is not a natural born ability for most people. It is and can be a learned response. In preparing oneself for the fight, the combat mindset must be mastered. You must have determination to go the distance, passion to work hard and the mental preparedness to be aware of the situation." We encourage you to click the Raidon Tactics, Inc. logo to the left and download "Combat Marksmanship Mentality -The Mindset of Combat Marksmanship." written by Frank McRae, Director of Training at Raidon Tactics, Inc.

We hope you enjoyed this video and at the same time have found for yourself that solid professional training especially at the introductory level is crucial to building a strong foundation of technique, skills, understanding and expertise. Below you will find contact information for Frank McRae and Raidon Tactics. On the right, why not complete the form letting him and his staff know how you enjoyed the "Intro to Tactical Shotgun" Complete Course video and inquire about upcoming classes!

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